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Divorce and Family Law Attorney


The experience and passion to fight to protect what is yours.

Over the years, Michelle Purvis has helped families throughout the state resolve their complex family matters in an efficient and effective manner. With so many happy clients, Michelle has earned a reputation for high-quality representation. Read real testimonials left by Michelle’s previous clients to learn more.

  • I am very grateful for her help and expertise.
    I found myself to be in an unbearable situation. Living out of state made it difficult. Michelle was referred to me by a local attorney and I found her to be a good listener. She was caring, professional and responsive. I am very grateful for her help and expertise.

    - Joy S.

  • I highly recommend her.
    I have so much respect for Michelle Purvis. She is extremely knowledgeable about the law, super intelligent, fierce when she needs to be, and yet compassionate as well. She is also honest, professional and will work tirelessly for you. She is also a mother so she truly UNDERSTANDS. I highly recommend her.

    - Carmen R.

  • Her professionalism is outstanding.
    Michelle has been instrumental in assisting me during my divorce process. She will be your advocate and she works tirelessly to represent you and your interests. Michelle is a wealth of knowledge, extremely intelligent as well as brilliant, and knows the law! Her professionalism is outstanding, but she also is compassionate, down to earth, relatable and genuinely nice. She will fight diligently for you. I would highly recommend Michelle's legal representation. She's the truth!

    - Kel C.

  • Michelle has an amazing work ethic. It keeps her striving every day to learn more about the law even though her knowledge of family law supersedes far beyond expectations already. Michelle is the only considerable family law attorney for the protection of your loved ones!

    - Electric Beach Tans

  • Highly recommend divorce lawyer, child custody lawyer, and family lawyer, Michelle Purvis. Skilled, seasoned, and strong attorney that works hard. She adamantly protects clients rights, is a great communicator and the attention to detail is superb! Michelle Purvis cares about clients, and it shows. Be ready, this lawyer GETS RESULTS!

    - M.W.

  • Where to begin? Michelle is responsive, engaged, encouraging, and sincere. She listens thoughtfully and asks the right questions, and she knows the law. We felt the pressure of our situation lift almost immediately, which is perhaps the best indicator that an attorney is competent and advocating well for her clients.

    - Mike W.

  • Michelle is one of the most intelligent people I have ever been in contact with. She is a very hard working person and cares so much about her clients. Her knowledge of the law shows how much she has vested in her profession.

    - Charlotte

  • Michelle is a fantastic attorney with an attention to details! She works hard for her clients and has the best heart!

    - Mike W.

  • Michelle Purvis comes highly recommended, her knowledge of the law, integrity, passion for serving others and effortless work ethic put her at the very top of the list.

    - Laurie E.

  • Extremely hard worker and always has your best interest at all times. Very intelligent and truly cares for your well-being. Could not have a better representative.

    - Mike B.

  • Michelle was referred to me from a friend and it was a blessing. She took care of my case wisely, she has a great knowledge of the law she gave me the assistance I needed to go through the entire process of my complicated case. She works hard on behalf of her clients.
    I am so thankful.

    - Ayana M.

  • Michelle Purvis is brilliantly talented in law and the best in her field. Will work hardest to ensure successful outcome for you, taking care of your best interests and that of your family. Astute knowledge of the law.

    - KT E.

  • Michelle is such a caring, personable lawyer. She takes care of all the legal needs of her clients and is very well educated. Michelle's understanding of Family Law is outstanding!

    - Beverly D.

  • Michelle Purvis is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and skilled professional.

    - Betsy S.

  • Michelle is a smart, dedicated driven attorney that will work night and day for her clients with the utmost integrity at all times. If you need an aggressive attorney Michelle is your lady! I cant recommend her enough.

    - Julia V.

  • Michelle Purvis is an outstanding attorney, very knowledgeable, intelligent, diligent, compassionate, high integrity person. She cares about her clients, loves what she does and it shows!

    - Dorothy W.

  • Michelle is absolutely amazing! She possesses a unique combination of being hard nosed, pragmatic, and compassionate all at the same time. She will fight for you every step of the way. She is strong-willed, very well educated, and her work ethic is second to none! Highly recommended!!!

    - Rob R.

  • Michelle is someone I have known and respected for many years and her breadth of experience was incredibly helpful with my divorce. Michelle is thoughtful and hard working and most of all, she listens, absorbs and gives well considered, sound and concise advice. While we’d all like to avoid the need for legal services, when something comes up, Michelle is who you want on your side.

    - Doug P.

  • Michelle is an extremely knowledgeable lawyer, especially Family Law. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to handle our family’s circumstances and am forever grateful for all that she has done for our family.

    - Leah W.

  • This lady will work endlessly to ensure her clients are taken care of! She really knows the law and is an awesome trial attorney!

    - Kerri E.