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How Child Custody is Determined in Texas

Navigating the divorce process with your children can be stressful and complicated. However, determining custody arrangements is one of the most important steps during a divorce. Custody influences visitation plans and outlines how the children spend time with each parent. In order to have a better understanding of this process, Michelle Purvis Law can provide the necessary information.

The Basics

There are a few basics to keep in mind when considering child custody in Texas. First, the state wants to ensure that the children can maintain contact with both parents as long as they act in their best interests. Furthermore, both parents must be able to provide the children with a safe and stable environment. Last, parents should share the rights and responsibilities of the children if at all possible, as it positively benefits them.

Best Interests Explained

The best interests of a child refer to what is best and most beneficial for them. In Texas, the law states that all decisions made regarding children and custody should be made with the best interests in mind, regardless of the parents’ specific wishes. In order to do this accurately, the courts take into consideration multiple factors. Such as:

  • Each parents’ ability to care for the child

  • The emotional and physical needs of the child

  • Each parents’ ability to provide a stable environment

  • The location in which the parents live in relation to the child’s routines

  • Each parents’ actions towards the child

  • The child’s wishes and desires

It is important to note that while the courts may take into consideration the wishes and desires of the child, it does not necessarily fully influence the choice made by the courts.

How Can Michelle Purvis Help?

It is vital to have an experienced attorney in your corner when determining child custody. Michelle Purvis Law can help you navigate this process, helping you determine an approach that works best for you and your family. For example, an attorney can assist in preparing you for mediation, negotiating the terms of custody instead of going to court.


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